The world's greatest brands leverage the emotional and rational to drive behavior and brand love. We believe in this philosophy so much, that we made it our name. At Hearts&Minds we're on a mission to help you capture the heart, and satisfy the minds of your customers.


We specialize in producing TV commercials, Brand Identities, Digital Videos, Social Media & Influencer Campaigns. We also build Websites, create events and do the traditional stuff like Radio, Print, and Outdoor. We'll even plan and buy Media to reach your customers. Whatever any "big" agency can do, we can do better, faster, with more attention to detail.


Here's a not-so-secret secret: Big Ad Agencies are painfully inefficient. The model is 100 years old in a world that reinvents itself every 5. You've heard the saying, "When you're a hammer everything is a nail," in our world it means agencies have spent years building up outdated skill sets and processes, so they have to sell outdated services in order to survive. They are a steam shovel, but you need to plant an herb garden. They are an ocean liner, you need a speedboat. You need a custom team to solve a business challenge. That's what we do well.


Another secret? The world's best and brightest don't work at ad agencies. They are smart enough to know their value, and have figured out a way to provide their service on their own terms. Many of our team work remotely, across the globe. You get access to the best of the best, who love working at Hearts&Minds because they work on their own terms, and contribute their expertise without constraint of inefficient operational processes of Big Agencies. We custom tailor teams of high-caliber strategist, creatives, and producers to deliver better quality creative for less cost, with no B.S.


Wow, "cheaper"? sounds... cheap. Yeah I said it. If you prefer we can say "more cost effective", or in a "highly efficient manner", but it's cheaper. Less money for better work, higher attention to detail, and a talented team invested in your success. Why is that important to us? Because it means you can compete on a level playing field with brands who outspend you. It means you can hold yourself to a higher set of standards within your budgetary constraints, and it means as your agency, we can grow with your success.


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